NIP Checker - Release notes

Sprawdzanie statusu kontrahenta za pomocą numeru NIP/ Business Partner check via VAT number
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NIP Checker - Release notes

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2019-05-20 NIP Checker 1.0 018 (without version/ subversion change)
- other minor fixes.

2019-02-05 NIP Checker 1.0 018 (without version/ subversion change)
- S/4 HANA compatibility
- other minor fixes.

2018-10-10 NIP Checker 1.0 018
- added configuration parameter BP_LOCK_GENERAL (forcing automatic lock of partner to work for all company codes instead of on the company code level),
- added possibility to check NIP of partners from all company codes at one run (use of asterisk "*", in company code field),
- other minor fixes.

2018-04-11 NIP Checker 1.0 017
- fixed error when when SNP Poland NIP service returns empty result that was treated as OK result (MoF service overloaded).
- added possibility to remove PL prefix from TAX ID (optional configuration parameter REMOVE_DOMESTIC_PREF)
- changed default value of ICON_FOR_IGNORED parameter to GREY (N), before GREEN was used (G). Can be reverted back via configuration to G.
- performance improvements for large BP datasets
- adding direct link to MF blacklist checking with VAT id to clipboard copying.

2018-03-09 NIP Checker 1.0 016
- added configuration parameter FILTER_COMP_CODE allowing filtering log by company code given on selection screen
- fixed error when JPK Transfer status changed during NIP verification was cleared when the NIP checking was finished
- small adjustments to work with BP Data Checker solution

2018-02-08 NIP Checker 1.0 015
- fixed error (hidden shortdump) connected to LOG update,
- added checking result of calling /BCC/JPN_API_VATNO_CHECK_ONE inside /BCC/JPN_API_VATNO_CHECK_ONE_A (RAISE CALL_ERROR),
- improved displaying of old results (already deleted results)

2018-01-06 NIP Checker 1.0 014
- better error handling (display of error icon when hung on processing)
- small interface improvements

2017-12-28 NIP Checker 1.0 013
- fix to deleting old results functionality (see RESULT_DELETE_DAYS configuration parameter),
- small interface improvements (e.g. full screen results from JPK Transfer transaction)

2017-12-02 NIP Checker 1.0 012
- additional possibility to select only master data records changed within last days (offset fields)
- additional possibility to lock master data with inactive/ exempted VAT IDs
- more user friendly selection screen
- added more parameters to user exits
- corrected bug with checking authorization in API

2017-11-07 NIP Checker 1.0 011
- additional possibility to customize ignored entries icon (ICON_FOR_IGNORED by default green)
- added possibility to set smaller package size for checking in BCC service (CHECK_PACK_SIZE by default 300) - for customer that encounter timeouts
- added possibility to check current version directly from "About Application" window
- added possibility to export checked data from ALV to MS Excel
- corrected bug with very short romanian numbers treated as too short
- better progress showing

2017-10-05 NIP Checker 1.0 010
- extended history reporting capabilities (e.g. it is now possible to see all checks within selected dates or for several partners)
- added new exits to code VAT ID reading from partner master data (if not standard)
- better help window (jump to manuals)
- better ALV variant management
- progress showing when running in background (log line update)
- added possibility to steer the archivization of old check records (in older versions removed after 365 days)

2017-09-29 NIP Checker 1.0 009
- added compatibility with S/4 HANA (Business Partner checking)
- added easy integration with master data (direct jumping form NIP checking to master data)
- added partner locking status info when checking vendors/ customers
- added new user exits possibilities (changing displayed data/ selecting VAT id by extension)
- corrected lock expiring bug for checking that takes more than 15 minutes

2017-08-14 NIP Checker 1.0 008
- added user exit to set some TAX ID numbers as not checked (ignored)

2017-08-05 NIP Checker 1.0 007
- small fix for very short (8 characters) TAX ID numbers

2017-07-20 NIP Checker 1.0 006
- Added authorization object /BCC/JPN for authorizing to company codes (optional)
- Adjusted main transaction screens to authorization object (central company code entry)

2017-07-16 NIP Checker 1.0 005
- Added possibility to change cache validity in API calls
- Added checking F_LFA1_BUK, F_KNA1_BUK authorizations when checking NIP
- Added possibility to hide showing summary for logs
- Better API handling (avoiding to many asynchronous calls)

2017-07-14 NIP Checker 1.0 004
- Added transaction /BCC/JPN1 to view history of NIP Checking
- Cutting large queries to packages of 300 entries each
- Hiding ID2 from customizing
- Possibility to drill down to history of checking
- Extended API
- mMinor bugs removal.

2017-06-21 NIP Checker 1.0 001 (product + service from BCC)
- First public release
- JPK_VAT checking,
- JPK Transfer Integration
- Free VAT numbers checking
- Log of all checks
- API for using in user exits throughout the system

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