TR Mixing Extended and Standard Transaction Scripts

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TR Mixing Extended and Standard Transaction Scripts

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One can mix standard (Batch Input) with extended (no Batch Input, eCATT) transaction scripts.

The default script mode is set on the configuration worksheet EI_Config (in the TR settings part). However for each TR script on the EI_ScriptName worksheet the user can set the mode explicitly, differently for each script.

Sometimes the user want to have one script that is mixing recordings in standard and extended mode (script containing two or more transactions recorded in different modes). If this is the case, the whole script should be set as extended (so that the checks allow the read operations), but on the EI_Script_TR worksheet in the line depicting script transaction additional setting (one character B or C)should be added manually in column Field Value, e.g.:
Start ID Field name Field value
T MM02 B
T MM02 C

B stads for standard (Batch Input) mode and C for extended (no Batch Input, eCATT).

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