SNP Partner Checker - Release Notes

Weryfikacja kontrahenta i jego konta bankowego na tzw. białej liście podatników Ministerstwa Finansów.
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SNP Partner Checker - Release Notes

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2020.01.17 – SNP Partner Checker version 1.0 (006)

1. Workbench: BE6K948149
2. Customizing: BE6K948152

Main changes added:
1. Fix for parameter RESULT_DELETE_DAYS - value -1 won’t delete log entries
2. Select data from alt. payee/payer
3. Generate account number if there is no data in TIBAN
4. Table /SNPPC/PC_EXC – exclude VATno/bank account form checks
5. History for CHECK method will be maintained
6. Status color in /SNPPC/PC fix
7. Change for status return for all APIs
8. Various program corrections

Alternative payee:
Added option to present data from an alternative payee. Once the checkbox for the Vendor or Customer is flagged, all data like TAX ID or bank account numbers will be taken from the alternative payee.


The following transports can be imported to version PC 1.0(002). Changes included in version 003-005 were also included in the following transports.

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