EasyInput - How to translate EI to a new language

Preparing EasyInput translations or getting ones prepared by other users.
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EasyInput - How to translate EI to a new language

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EasyInput (EI) is delivered with three built-in languages:

But each EI user can easily translate the tool to another language.
1. How to prepare for translationn.
1.1. Open new EasyInput workbook.
1.2. Go into menu EasyInput Info > Settings > Other and press the button "Transfer texts for translation" (accessible from version 3.XX on). This will copy text to hidden worksheet EI_Texts.
2. Where to implement the translation.
2.1. To translate a given EI workbook one should unhide the hidden worksheet EI_Texts and add translation in the C column of this worksheet.
2.2. After all the rows from 7th down are translated one should send the Excel file with translation to easyinput@easyinput.net. After translation verification the translation will be included in the product development and the user will get back the installation files with additional language.

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