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EasyInput Update

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EasyInput is constantly improvred and from time to time new releases of EasyInput are made available.

Customers with maintenance service
The customers who bought the maintenance service are eligible to free updates during maintenance service period.
To check if new version is accessible please use: Ribbon menu: EasyInput Info> Settings> Other> Check updates button
If update is possible than the user will be able to download the compressed installation pack.

The downloaded installation files should be than put into the same directory from which the original installation took place (possibly the network share). This will facilitate the upgrade for all users using EasyInput solution (EI will check automatically once a week for upgraded installation files).

For version 4.XX, the license file/ configuration file can be put into the directory with the setup.exe file. Then the license file will be read on installation/ update automatically.

Customers without maintenance service
The customers without the maintenance service can buy the new EasyInput version usually for half the price of the new version.
Please request the detailed EasyInput upgrade information via e-mail office.pl@all-for-one.com .

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