EI release notes - 4.XX

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EI release notes - 4.XX

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EI 4.06 B1008- 2024-03-24
- changed connector library NET Connector to v 3.1.4 (solves connection problems with 3.1 version and solves F4 problem)
- recommended upgrade for all using SAP Net connector 3.1 (starting from version 4.06 B1005)

EI 4.06 B1008- 2024-02-10
- changed connector library NET Connector to v 3.1.3 Hotfix1
- added upgrade settings when EI is upgraded (prevention of losing license keys)
- added SAP module for F4 as SAP transport (workaround for Net Connector 3.1.3 bug)

EI 4.06 B1006- 2023-10-31
- improved support SNC in SAP GUI Scripting
- other minor improvements

EI 4.06 B1005- 2023-09-28
- improved support for SAP GUI 8.0 64bit
- improved support for SAP Logon Pad instead of SAP GUI
- upgraded connection library to SAP NET Connector 3.1
- improved error reporting
- added showing system IDs on license information window
- added possibility to deploy EI as MSIX centrally (on request for new buyers)
- other minor improvements

EI 4.06 B1003- 2023-06-27
- added posiibility to read value from more than one message (to different columns) - e.g. to have result reading string like EE-102-V1-AA|EE-104-V2-AB...
- minor improvements

EI 4.06 B1002- 2023-05-29
- additional check for SAP GUI ReadData value (better script checking)
- additional config entry for GS script - EI_C_GS_DO_NOT_CLOSE (if selected SAP GUI window is not closed after the script, this allows for manual finishing of a transaction)
- imporved license checking to omit problems with repeated license popup showing, even there is already the license
- minor other impovements

EI 4.04 B1000- 2022-07-20
- additional fixing popup/SAP GUI switching when debugging GS scripts
- changed installation folder names (User to User_32bit_Office) and vbs script to DetermineOfficeBitness.exe file
- fixed error in dates initial check when given as number
- corrected example with table reading via SAP GUI script

EI 4.03 B1001- 2022-04-11
- upgraded SAP Net Connector to version 3.0.24.
- fixed popups window switch when debugging GS scripts
- added connection log set to 2, when EI_C_DEBUG_DET_MESG is set on EI_Debug worksheet
- minor performance improvements (limit formula recalculation)

EI 4.03 B1000- 2022-03-04
- added API functions to pass SAP user ans SAP pass to EI (in order to call EI Run automatically without a user interaction)
- adjusted EI screen refreshing to running EI runs in background (adjustement for MS Power Automate Desktop integration)
- adjusted second line of GS scripts (when recording) to always present maximize/ iconify option
- added configuration parameter (EI_Config - EI_C_DO_NOT_ASK_4_ACTUAL) allowing not to ask additionally for actual run (useful for reporting and background processing).

EI 4.02 B1000- 2021-09-23
- added configuration parameter EI_C_GS_END_TRANS for GS scripts on EI_Config worksheet - clearing this parameter allows not to close current transaction at the end of the script (may be used together with script formulas to start an SAP transaction only once, and do not close it for performance reasons for slow opening transactions)
- longer wait parameter EI_C_WAIT_TIME can be set up (before 1 second, now up to 10 seconds)
- better EI start via shortcut (force Excel to be brought to front)

EI 4.01 B1009- 2021-06-10
- fixed auto logon, when switching between two workbooks working with diffrent SAP server

EI 4.01 B1008- 2021-05-20
- fixed support for Etag/If-Match in header for non SAP OData sources
- added possibility to read results when executing changes (e.g. ch with EData reading)
- fixed problem with error caused by 00000000 data conversion in some Odata sources

EI 4.01 B1007- 2021-05-14
- adjusted ribbon forced refresh when starting a script (due to MS Office 365 changes, that turned previous version of refreshing not functional)

EI 4.01 B1006- 2021-05-13
- better OData script creation (fix to some errors on ECC systems)
- better OData script processing for non-SAP OData services (added additional OData script parameter STRICTSEL, empty for non-SAP sources)

EI 4.01 B1004- 2021-03-21
- added online help (alternative to offline one, that stopped working due to faulty Office 365 update by Microsoft)

EI 4.01 B1003- 2021-03-10
- fix to error URI_X parameters spaces were truncated in OData script
- added new fields to OData additional F4 dictionary
- fix to row setting when using new Result Sheet functionality with OData scripts
- some help documentation improvements
- other minor improvements and fixes

EI 4.01 B1002- 2021-02-19
- fix to error when script ID was numeric
- fix to error when GS filename used for recording contained not allowed characters (eg. _ & etc,)

EI 4.01 B1001- 2020-10-25
- added functionality to merge header and line items in OData reporting
- improved data clear button (Possibility to set to delete whole rows. Previously only ranges could be deleted)
- minor help/ functionality improvements

EI 4.00 B1004- 2020-09-23
- improved GS script recording by changing text = && to text = "&&" that helps to process strings with spaces at ends

EI 4.00 B1004- 2020-09-09
- option to export/import settings to XML file
- option to put settings and/ or license file in installation direcotry (next to setup.exe). These files will be automatically used while installing/ updating EI file (easier deployment)
- option to distinguish execute only and full EI licenses to limit the possibility to create scripts only to administrators
- option to change via settings, the default template folder (e.g. to network folder accessible from all workstations)
- fixed error introduced with 4.0 with mass table read not passing all values
- other minor improvements

EI 4.00 B1003 - 2020-08-11 Released
- more system licenses possible (up to 12)
- product ID changed to EASYINP4X
- other minor improvements

EI 4.00 beta - 2020-06-18
- SAP OData service script added (for reading and writing, especially for S/4 HANA systems)
- list separator adjusted to regional settings
- quicker data checking and mass data reading (block excel transfer)
- possibility to download data, that is read from SAP, to a separate worksheet (not to EI_Data)
- user change integrated with password changing
- many other minor improvements

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